Albion, Oh, Albion

Neil Johnson

Albion Village Historian

No. 1294—A Christmas Miscellany

Looking through the old Albion newspapers available on microfilm at the Swan Library, I ran across this issue of the Orleans American from Thursday, 25 December 1879.  The Orleans American was the leading Republican newspaper.  Here are some items from the Odds and Ends column that give the flavor of life in Albion 129 years ago.  The column was set up so that the space the type took up steadily increased after the two boldface announcements at the beginning.  Isn’t it amazing how many stores, and such a variety, that Albion supported before the automobile siphoned off the customers after World War II.

Get our prices on Law Cases, Bill Heads, Note Heads, Cards, Statements, and all kinds of Commercial Printing, before giving your orders.

Remember That Lee of the Model Grocey does not pretend to sell at or below; but does guarantee to sell Groceries of Real Worth and Good Value at the Lowest Living Prices.  The Model Grocery, 19 East Bank Street.

Selling out at Kinkaid’s.

A Merry Christmas to all.

Wholesome winter weather.

The stockings up last night.

Christmas presents in order yet.

Retiring from business at Kinkaid’s.

Roads are smooth—excellent wheeling.

Closing out entire stock at Kinkaid’s.

For overcoats go to Adler, Dye & Co.’s.

Old 79 is fast approaching the ragged edge.

A decline in the price of coal is predicted.

Farnham’s is the place for bargains in clothing.

For the latest styles of Dress Goods, go to Abeel & Son.

Stilson & Son sell goods for cash when they can get it.

Don’t overlook Flanigan’s new advertisement this week.

See to it that your horses have sharp corks on their shoes.

A full line of men’s and boy’s shoes at Allis and Shoemaker’s.

Come to the American office for first class auction bills cheap.

For Nubia’s, Hoods, Millers and Leggins go to Abeel & Son’s.

The Court of Appeals adjourned from the 19th to January 13th.

Beautiful, indeed, are the vases and silverware sold by Preston.

All who have holiday novelties advertise them in the American.

That great rush to Preston’s for holiday goods still continues.

Stilson & Son sell Maddox & Son’s crockery—the best in town.

Capt. David Hardie has a nice family bible for sale at $2.00.

Fifty cents will buy a good apple parer at Cole’s hardware store.

The Splendid—The best and cleanest, for sale by Edward C. Cole.

A writ of error is properly defined as a love letter to another man’s wife.

First quality coffees, green and roasted in all varieties at Cole & Flintham's.

Smith keeps the best pig-pork, lard, butter and eggs, of any place in town.

For a good bargain in 50ct tea, go T. Hales & Co.  No. 9, East Bank St.

The Annual pew rental and dinner at the Baptist Church takes place on Tuesday next.

Chicken King, Esq., we understand, captured the champion’s belt on the last trial of speed.

Can the city fathers abate the nuisance of sliding down hill on the sidewalks?  Will they do it?

We issue the American a few hours in advance this week to afford the boys a Christmas holiday.

Mondays and Saturdays are now the days for fashionable weddings instead of Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Over in Wellsville, in this state, two editors were gratuitously supplied with Thanksgiving turkeys this year.

Large crowds of people have been in town for a week or more and trade has been lively.  The roads are excellent and a light fall of snow would make fine sleighing.

All singers of Albion and vicinity are earnestly requested to meet at the Court House in Albion, on Friday evening, December 26, for the purpose of organizing a Choral Society.  All who have Palmer’s Course books, please being them with you.

Next week:  The William Hart Farm